Tiny little things, hm

More light, bright like an afterglow a cerebral one… is when you live your life to the max, fading is not an option not evean for me, not enymore. Dyng from suicide, is thery wrong it seems like you betrye yourslef, your mojo you golden aura made by the Gods themselfs and you know the cycle is repeting until no more option if you not at least strugle tu understand life is in silence inefabil and ezoteric like a piece of cucumbear spread with bread on nice fried steak with some wine and some good old cheese. Someone said sometimes you are lucky if when the night comes if on the going to bed you have a pack of cigaretts, Kino project for URSS and after that myghty upset Rusia today was a bliss a neverending story just like 1001 one night story… but the problem with societys in general is that they are not build like a perpetuum mobile is not having 100 procent randament is pure miracol when we see deeds of some older tehnology and other past civilization that where here just a blink of an eye to a path of solitude postpon by the pasing of time that has no mercy… be bright my child, just be, be and no one will perish in stad of you… you are alone and always will be same because 1 and 1 never is equal not evean matemathic provean is just a reference point, a figure of speach, a comon language what define some rules to postpone inevitabil end of things… join the stoic, be silent and let be you… and then just put some music on, open you pack of cigarette look on them and havit your way with them, silence and some few decibeli and you are on and on like a neverndind tide stiking the worlds.

Total eclipse of the heart

Corect me if I am wrong, I learnt somekind of english evean before I meet you, before I found you in the stars, so enlighting me I am still your soul mate cous acording to your religion we are spouse so what shall we do?Hm… is hard to regreat, hard to live in solitude like in stoic time when some barbarians with superior tactics come here to conquer what was left over from our meals, skratches and tiny bits of nothingness that will going to kill them all that magnaificent barbariens… that is the low of the land and shall be untill their extintion… now we celebrate, not the solitude not evean the stoicism within our sad faces and souls we celbrate the light, the bright future ahead and in our minds, today we are where we whant…

This morning, hm

I ve sleep not too much, still not need sleep and sometimes I wish mankind has to obtain the power to not sleep forever and to be fresh like then you sleep like you normaly you do… anyway, broke but happy I woke about 5 or so o clock open my mails, everything was fine, but you know how it is then I get back to sleep and woke u about 8 o clock only to dress up to make my way to have a cigarette and a can of energy hell, well how about that here in balcania rural area if you are lucky everyone who has a store that knows you can land you something until you bring the money, it is mutual agreement exactley like far far west on a golden rushe fever era… I was so happy sitting there with my smoke in me mouth and the can on the table chit chating with locals…Somebody stop me!

We are strong, hm

Today we march against all odds, today we thrive like never before… I am thery excited if you know why, you are a genious but this is not the point. I know, the rest hm will come acordingley so tomorrow will be here, have no doubt about it. Still, I will wait and when I wait I am no good at all… I hate waiting but that it, what shall I do, hm!?

Sanday afternoon, just sitting here in my corner having a chit chat with mom, we ate we drunk some cola and I having some enrgy drink, hm. It is so nice to have someone to talk to… evean my dogs will be good for the task from time to time… I am waiting big time, is most anticipated day of this year. I know, I will do what evear it task to be calm down, I am not promise but I say, just.

Everything looks fine and bright so far but who know what tomorrow will bring, hm. I am listening to some wonderful music and almost having some ideeas about what shall I do in the near future. Come along tomorrow, it will be a celebrating of soemthing good I shall say and I really hope it will be real.

Hm, I m surpriesd beyond point of return

He, he I am nuts, you know I ve decided to shut down this blog, why? Hm, well let say that I bought new toys but we will see if we are going to keept it for good, I mean if I heave the enough money for this kind of deal… so let have a new something to do… write on a blog almost dayley…

I will, but this is not a promis, until februarie next year this blog because then is expire the name domenium of this blog, so wish me luck in the battle because I know I won the war…

A coffe and a smoke here in Balcania

I was out, so out that in the process I ve got a smoke and a coffe from the general store next to me so it was something good, still need something strong to drink like a whisky or a nice little vodka but my money is coming next week so patience is very necesary these days… hm perhaps I will take a beer in staid so everything will be nice hm.

The street was cold, the fine chill breze is coming from east, the myghty sun was visible partialy mixt and coverd in deep clouds and the sky OMG, it was a bliss something majestic and I cant describded it was like a part from a known good movie. I enterd the store, it was full of bred, coffee cigaretts, yougurt, beans, bottles, canes, sweats you named it… then I ve got out, you know what I like here in rural area of this balcanic country named Romania is thet when you go out and you walk down the streets and you meet and past by each outher is a must to salute one another like you folks… sometimes you ask how they doing and then if they are ok you stop and chit chat a little bit, if they smoke usualy they give a cigarette or hm a drink depends. Balcania is more and mre surprising usually they drink at 7 o clock or a coffee or a beer or wine, soetimes brandy it deends by the person and if it had money enough for that kind of stuff.

I know that in balcania the people had seen thery much, to much that s way the twoo world wars had begun from this area neglected by other nations but you know balcania has a much greatear influence sometimes across the old continent there for entire world…

Yes, the war in Ukraina will be ended, still did not know when but soon I hope, then the World will breath easley because it is wory about that nuke on the hand of Rusia… they are making threats about this theme and I do not like these… otherwise, hm… we will see.


Is you woke up in the first of morning!?

Hm, Is woke up in the middle of night and then you go straight up in the first of mornig woke up… watching tv shows and listening to deezer music… on the flow… music is layng and now I count the seconds for me to see the sun and then to hit it to store to have a coffee or a cigarette…

Rapp atack is on, a neverndig flow of romaning words about younamed. Is it good, hm maybe who cares but I am kind of triggerd… is thery hot in here, is kind off like in summer mornings… I am kind of thirsty but I will stay here in front of the monitor just because I have water stored here next to me in my room but I want fresh from the fountain in the front of the house.

Hm… Bobita my dog it so well, thank you for the prayes from you guys, thank thery much and with the power of medicine I ve putit back on track… it is very alive, it got fat again and is barking mad when I am eating outside of the house because him wants to eat what evear I have it. It is going going strong having fight whit all cats in neighborhood. Hm I have another dog Pufulica, thery wise female dog, It s fighting with Bobita all day long, but not for real they are good pals. When was cold outside they sleep togeter in dog house like newlly married couples…

You recall, have you!?

It is post factum, I have a new washing machine romanian one if we speak about production semi-automatic. Today I ve got it from delivering man… hm then I ve gone to megastor and atm to have some cash and I ve drunk a can of self brand cola and the I ve got pespi, it is a while sicnce I have not drinking a pepsi… usually I do not drinkit and avoid with all cost.

Maybe later I got to get some beer, wish me luck…

Life past 41 years of age

I am here on a spot of ray of lights, sitting down and counting the stars, the seconds left of my life… every day it past myself is a wonder into a point of clush with this hush nature of things. I am waiting here to grow old, like in a carusel filed with atomic bombs and the power buton detonator is in my hands… still liking my wonds from past when I was the most powerfull being from my life… here we are at the bigining of something, a unfair switch to nowhere… so back to extasy of things.