Matrix gulag and Romania

You just know, is every day living… is part of your past and implemented in your routine… matrix and Romanian gulag made by policeman and intelligence service. They prefer to spend money for propaganda and control and ,,watching” general population. We have a Awshwitz Romanian style, all Romania is a washing machine, an aperhide made the colour of the blood, fucking lunatics!

Monday, hm

Week days then you know that unamed feelings, you sit just round the corner… here in balcania, we have gulag of a metrix nature… you can join in, hm why not. Romania and his people are so stupid and so so that are trusting the machine, hm. They get into your mind, they have the tools for that trust me, hm. I hate them so much this days. Do not come here in this Romania gulag matrix thing it will kill bit by bit, literally.

More and more, each day is here

Lots of time, you see my friend life is so hush to be even sweat like a toast of bread with honey and fresh milk from peasant bought with few cents…

I am here, looking above into blue sky, watching for a new change, for a sign of a storm, it is high temperature… and the days are so so. The night is sleeping, it will be here.
I have courage, I like night of summer… why not. I stay until morning on you tube, watching electronic games on the internet…

I watch a lot of movies, the

Mandy talks, hm

A girl named Mandy, a super name that is, today almost had a moment to reflect, hm. Have I seen this girl in real person!? I wonder! Yeah, is a hard one.

I entered a shop not far from home, it was a little bit full of people… many young females some man paying for something. Some leaving, some entering. I just want something for nice meal… some eggs… I was pretty sure and really hoping that are there in that shop…

Month ago, after I was downtown I was so so, it was a bliss that I still can find a fresh corner for the eggs department… hm. It was some difficult to buy them… they are a part of month when the eggs are not for sale as usual.

Once upon a time, just like now

Power of joy, bits of it it is what still remain from that period of time when everything was great, still is if you ask me. I know you, hm you stupid one. Hm, today a sun and its preset is touching my soul in a neverending dream, a mist of fire upon my face and my body… yes is summer and its the one to remember, it will be much fun, much more if I stay alive until next season, wish me luck.

We live here in the middle of europe, not so well apparentley, it is all becoming a true totalitarism constuction. We are just slaves for the state that control everything… fuck them!

Months on end I was thinking, is there a limit for them? They are to damn comunist and with power unmatch so far.

I was there, did you see it!?

It is a summer to remember, I was so so but it was time me for me to get the rest much needed for a better chance, for another bright future yet to come, I slept as much a want it and needetit, I smoked and drink most of the time, exctly how is supposed… payed my dues… not given so much attention on because is not woth it my mojo.

Stayed wake up, sober much of the time, watch so much tv and football, had some few beers, played with my dogs, having interesting dialog with my pigs… play with water, had an orchard to take care of it… hm.

I smoke so much lately, played music on YouTube… just walk in a majestic time thru a year of splendid of true memories to be remembered, just sicking the new future memories to be enlightened in a new way… Expecting new me, siting in a new environment for a better purpose… I still love to hate them, still.

Months and a year gone away

I took a smoke from a small shop, the sun is a bliss to bright and powerful but you know we have summer at our reach for a better future. The. road of mine paved by a black colour is was a usual going thru, a one way ticket to pleasure. I had on me about 1 dollar, people was only on front door… it was so hight temperature because I almost boiled on the surface just like an eg, hm.

Now, I just sit in front of a display and I try to write something for you my friend, I am here in Romania, truly a country like non other a special place but not so so hm, appealing somehow. I ll wait until the autumn will be here, it will be a an extensive one, the wether round here is changing… rapidly in a time of wonder. Most of this planet has done the same…

Humor, tears and much more drama tv

Joint rolled in at a moment notice, a fire from a lighter old like me a classic one zippo a fire from a tree in the woods near by it is the thery start of a sensational vacation on the road… to the mountain.

A thery nice summer vacation started good, again we go to the lake and then we plan a trip to the nearest peak just for fun… but some do not want to go, they prefer to stick around the fire until late in the morning and then to go on the near town to go shopping… and fishing, hm.

We are entering after a strong debate in the hotel, open a beer and then watch some tv for the fun of it… we are here in strange place on the road, it is packed by some truckers that usually stay here…

Magnesium, calcium and some chocolate for the road

Is stops, put some cash on the counter… steps back put a hand strong on the handlle and grab a somthing from the cooler. Then without a noise just drinks a bottle with some mineral water… then ask for a pack of certain brand of cigaretts then is taking some icecreams and some refrershments, take his time and waiting for the change.

It is high noon, the sun is there in the open sky, no wind, no brezze some clouds in the far far distance… some shadows in the alley, people drinking whatever and chit chating like usually and then suddenley… music is over the place, we are here in balcania the land of all kinds of oportunities…

Hm, then a nice girl with a boy come on the bikes, order something and just open their phones siiting around on the tables… the air is fresh from the ventilators next to them… is most likley to know the place, they are locals.

Love, hold on

Just let you know, I am here hold on tight darling… hm, the sun is at his highist peak, down there beautiful things allready begins to happen on a spot. Love don t cost a thing, some years of evolution a light in the dark that will guid us to right enviroment… people are people.

It is what it is, I want a beer maybe one more but on the right time, it is summer outside the best time of year, hope so but I have a work to do thery hard for me is just to big temperature and that is a pain in the ass.

Oh, I still love the summer time, still love the waiting for the night time when everything stops, the cars are few and passing a high pass over, no mosquieos so far, some but not so so, true clear night skybecause we are far from great citys, some moon ovear the night sky in the distance. mad dogs all over the place, cats in heat waiting for maiting… cool breze in the morning… the first glance of sun mixt with fresh coffe or cola and the smoke on a go… fresh bread, egs and tomatoes… on an empty stomach…