Broken petals, perhaps hm!?

I enter the room, you are bright in the darkness, my love… famous words, hm!? Perhaps, still me mind is linger into your destiny… merging in a path to your final destination… I am in love!? Certenely, I exist therfore I love, big time actually but with no strings atached it is a hard one, I have an certain age, to postpone my love in the middle of the act is like living and to die for another cause.Maybe my luck will not fade away, pray for it… Yes, today at this melting pot of minutes time stood still in the middle of road like a broke car, I am a wise mecanic, I will change everything broke and in no time will be on traks as we speak…I was a small kid, just having a life and not evean not knowing about it, then the life was and I’ve got a pact with her… just let it be and the day will be yours…

Little thing called love

It is just fine, I am in love, that is a named feeling that I see when I close my eyes and I am finking of you, of your blissful smile, a neverending story of Adam and Eve… but much, much later when the things has settled and the rain had stop in the middle of desert, Yes, I still love you and miss you like desert miss the rain…

Laying in my bed, home in big empty night, hot just like you, I still see you in my future memories having a perfect ending onto a memory that can’t devide me in, I won’t cave in allthough I am unwritten.

Ps, I still have the wings that you gave you, Yes still love you, promise!

The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, Scotland


Humor me, log in hm!?

I was kind of in a hurry, a little bit wary and sometimes in a heasty retreat into me innerself, then out of the blue… the thing come to the other and I jest forget to have bite beetwen breakfast and lunch… usually I do but not today was the case. I was they sleepy until the point I’ve over sleept. When I woke up the lunch food is already cooked. So, I ve mad some water whit strawberries aroma sirup. It was me answer to that need of sugar and a reserve for that time when I needed to swap the coke in me life.

Then I entered YouTube, login as usual put some videos and I have some money, took a hike to the store and get myself some new groceries, you know how it is, you can’t have enough stuff like this.

I am on the YouTube, watching some cool stuff, the creators of the channels on this platform do an outstanding good job to the point is called an execelent, evean maybe a science, creators small or big they are a inspirations for all of us…

Love is the answear for fashion victims

Maybe, hm the title is not so appealing, but in strong words it is what it is, I look at the generations and the new things that it comes in the first glans is the fashion. Yes, we know that certain types of clothes had make an industry to be there in the open. First in Italy but the final touch was exposed in a luxury at its best I say one word only: France.

This slogan, for fashion victims, love is the answer… is kind of nice, pretty much actually but love come with a price tag. Money, money money… hm every things cost…

I am with you, my little one

Maybe the day will in a better shape and form… here in this place, blessed be the Gods themselves, in balcania… is a little country Romania, hm you already guess that in a small county Teleorman, a thery known name, we gave prim minister to executive power in the head of govern… hm. But no more talks about politics… it is time to mind our business and to remember post facum the ones that are here whit us, to cherish there’s presence and to bring back the memories in our prayers in front to the Divinity and to pray for salvation of that people that sometimes in the past was with us. I hope to meet them in another life and do things that already promise to them… If I can I will prey and go to Gods church to be in house of God to prey directly under his wings… hope big brothers, the day before us is yet to be discover, pray to Gods that we are coping with desire of everyone that ever we got helped, that stood beside us, that got saved by believing in true wisdom, In A Superior ways to be in life alltoghetter… The Devine power should bless all the friends that are with us, all the fallen friends in the battle with evil side of things and non other the less we thanks God for all that him allready send to our lives.

The day is here, lets sized the moment and began the hour with first step… remember, be ready for everything and trust a one true and sacred never trust anyone, not even yourself, master this rule and you gain a powerful tool to move the earth itself… hm.

No more room for a title, hm!?

Insert here if you know a well deserve title for a post like this, hm, it short, it is here… the presumer enveriomet, that feeling that is in the air. I enter to a empty room, making my way to a full table of refreshments, couple of beers and some ciggarets… the atmosphere looks like a madness full of smoke, relentless air is pulled from air conditioned, a rush amplified by empty eyes… you know I am a postpone hell that still dwell among other humans… I try to hide my tears in the cold, harsh rain of autumn… I dare not speak anymore because you know we here in balcania, even the walls have ears and mouths to tell a story… a neverendig story, perhaps but not today… today we are celebrating… have a good time with me, my friends… have a cold one from me…

What is in a name, you could called a rose by another name, I bet it would smell like sweet, hm.

Ps, I still love ia, promise!

How come, how long

A miricale, a true wonder alltogeter in a word, we live the life at the full potențial.

It is may, quite a month… Not to worm, not to cold just in the balance… But is there light? You bet it is, plenty as we speak loud and clear just like that star in Sky called Sun. I am glad, perhaps… Why not, but not so onto the surface. Yesterday the rain, and the wind was a bliss… Tiny little drops from heavean droping into the wind like a dust into night desert.

Mhm, I need some joy, some happines into my life but the probleme is If I deservet this kind of thing…

Maybe is your turn to stand up

Yes, we found love… but not today, not tomorrow but since the beginning of time, an era full of of hope that we are to endure to the ends of al time. Join in, come into the fight, take  a look closer to the war, a never ending war that dwells in your heart, in owes do not stare at the entry… Jost come along.

We are here, free like the time itself, regardless of the scars, we march in like a never-ending tide, we hope, we live and yes we lie… human are human no mather what.

Life, a lack of dead already happening upon you, like you know… you are here, join me and we could be touching the stars high above… don’t think, do what ever you want… maybe you are the last type version of you, the perfect illusion created for you is in. you face just open you eyes… touch you inner self and dream like never before… yes, you are… caught in a big illusion. Kill your master, overcome your puppet status that you are, join the fight, you are a dead man walking, you are falling why not trying to fly in your way to the smash with the have floor… but choose wisely: red pill or blue pill or believe you illusions and face the hash bitter end.

We need more time, we need peace of mind to remember

Time itself fly’s away in a rapid succession of events, it like in a big an awesome roller coster… time, master it and you have the needed elements to for fill yous deepist diser yet… the urge to became, to overcome, to just be.

Now it time to merge with time, look where you are, who you are have you who guided your steps and to remember that who keeps you light who made you bright in the sky just like a star that you are… we remember our closest to us, family friends… the faalen ones, the guys next to us or friends… we are, the rest is history.

Music is for the Gods

I want it I have it, hm… just bought a piece of music… a electronic property volatile as life it self, still hm, regardless of that… I enterded to music of apple content and I chose just for fun and to suport the music artist in general, I bought a song almost 1 buck… thery quality at the sound… hm but in general in the past I ve bought many song electronicly speaking, in the ubuntu distribution it was a service that was similiar to apple music, I was having many songs that I was bought them thru paypal and not on ubuntu on google play music also I had music… where is it now, they are closed the music services… hm…

I light a smoke, poor some cola and then just have a wonderful satuday evening, i wish you same thing!