Little tired

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It was a busy day my friends, hm but the great news is that I was breaking the comodity and day to day routine beeing there in the crowed fa far from my bed confort… it was so good to have a break thru routine and then I was traveling in style 160 km per hour on a busy road on friday day and then I was doing something for my pigs I was making some fourages from the ones that I got from animal fair… you will se pictures right away.

Anyway, anyhow life in Romania is not so bad but the rules are strict, is a democracy with rulse strict like in a comunism country and the brute force will prevail if you doing something wrong… I was amaised by the number of people that participated at animal fair they were quite a few people but not so many animals like cows, pigs or horse or evean mule in fact there was many live birds for eating.

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