Wonderfull nature you are, hm!?

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I ve drunk my coffee sweatt and then I ve got myself gone outside into wind, the road the, sun and the emptynes of the street. The road ahead, nothingness of highway of the ray of sun, so warm was the ground and the blue of the sky all togeter make me thinking outloud like a neverending story…I had to thanks to many of my friends and knowns but when I have to thank to that special One is complicated, I dont evean know how to start, what to say, sometimes I say nothing just for fact that I do not want to be a pain in the ass.

I drink mineal water, thery functional option in this normal heat of june, seems like in june alltough we are in appril… I know I am getting older but I know I want to endure until I can t no more and I will became into another form of light… divine one.

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