Maybe is your turn to stand up

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Yes, we found love… but not today, not tomorrow but since the beginning of time, an era full of of hope that we are to endure to the ends of al time. Join in, come into the fight, take  a look closer to the war, a never ending war that dwells in your heart, in owes do not stare at the entry… Jost come along.

We are here, free like the time itself, regardless of the scars, we march in like a never-ending tide, we hope, we live and yes we lie… human are human no mather what.

Life, a lack of dead already happening upon you, like you know… you are here, join me and we could be touching the stars high above… don’t think, do what ever you want… maybe you are the last type version of you, the perfect illusion created for you is in. you face just open you eyes… touch you inner self and dream like never before… yes, you are… caught in a big illusion. Kill your master, overcome your puppet status that you are, join the fight, you are a dead man walking, you are falling why not trying to fly in your way to the smash with the have floor… but choose wisely: red pill or blue pill or believe you illusions and face the hash bitter end.

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