Broken petals, perhaps hm!?

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I enter the room, you are bright in the darkness, my love… famous words, hm!? Perhaps, still me mind is linger into your destiny… merging in a path to your final destination… I am in love!? Certenely, I exist therfore I love, big time actually but with no strings atached it is a hard one, I have an certain age, to postpone my love in the middle of the act is like living and to die for another cause.Maybe my luck will not fade away, pray for it… Yes, today at this melting pot of minutes time stood still in the middle of road like a broke car, I am a wise mecanic, I will change everything broke and in no time will be on traks as we speak…I was a small kid, just having a life and not evean not knowing about it, then the life was and I’ve got a pact with her… just let it be and the day will be yours…

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