No more room for a title, hm!?

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Insert here if you know a well deserve title for a post like this, hm, it short, it is here… the presumer enveriomet, that feeling that is in the air. I enter to a empty room, making my way to a full table of refreshments, couple of beers and some ciggarets… the atmosphere looks like a madness full of smoke, relentless air is pulled from air conditioned, a rush amplified by empty eyes… you know I am a postpone hell that still dwell among other humans… I try to hide my tears in the cold, harsh rain of autumn… I dare not speak anymore because you know we here in balcania, even the walls have ears and mouths to tell a story… a neverendig story, perhaps but not today… today we are celebrating… have a good time with me, my friends… have a cold one from me…

What is in a name, you could called a rose by another name, I bet it would smell like sweet, hm.

Ps, I still love ia, promise!

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